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25 Sets(75Pcs) Long Life Durable Nylon Dart Flights Sets Wholesale National Flag Rich Variety Of Cool Styles Bling Long Life Laser Darts Flights

Price: $10.99

Dart flights are consumables for your darts playing. Buy this 20 sets pack to replace those damaged flights after darts throwing!

– Wide Size,Standard size,Slim Size.
– Material: Durable polyester.
– Varieties of styles, no duplicates.

Give us a chance, and we give you high quality products in return.

Cavalier is a Pro Darts Manufacturer, worth your trust

If you need any dart equipment, please click ‚CavalierDarts‘ to get morePrice for 25 set/75 pcs Random Mixed Designs, Most designs are shown in pictures, All in high quality
No Duplicate, RICH VARIETY dart flights sets
Will includes: WIDE, STANDARD, SLIM Dart fights
Perfect for both steel tip darts and soft tip darts
Made by CavalierDarts, will come with original package with CavalierDarts TradeMarks

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