Eclipse Pro Dartboard – Black/White/Red/Green


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Boasting a 30% slimmer construction than other traditional round wire boards, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro offers a tournament quality bristle dartboard with staple-free, extra slim design preventing any accidental bounce-outs. The board features an increased perceptibility of the ring, spider and numbers for more comfortable play, and it is made from 50 individual packs of sisal for added durability, plus the playing area is slightly bigger. This great-looking dartboard can be seen in all the major Sky transmitted dart events e.g. during the championships.Championship quality bristle Dartboard
PDC endorsed
Unicorn high technology wiring design
Completely staple-free construction
Ultra-slim segmentation system – 30% thinner than conventional round wire boards
Increased target area in Doubles and Trebles
Ulta high visibility number ring and spider
Staple free Bullseye


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