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Protocol 18″ Regulation Sized Tournament Dartboard | 2 Sided – Classic 20 Point & Circular Bulls-Eye | 6 Steel Tipped Brass Darts design for Long Life and Flawless Performance

Price: $49.99 - $23.99

For fun at home or office, Protocol’s Tournament Dartboard is right on target. The 2-sided regulation-sized 18″ diameter dartboard sports the classic English 20 point game on one side and standard circular bulls-eye layout on the other. The set comes complete with six (6) darts. The durable board boasts high quality, round wire spider web and numbers with removable fasteners (for easy board rotation). Protocol’s Tournament Dartboard is designed for long life and flawless performance.2-SIDED- Regulation Size Classic 20 Point & Circular Bulls-Eye
Comes complete with set of six steel tip brass darts
Classic 20 Point & Circular Bulls-Eye
Wire fasteners and wire number ring for maximum playing area.
Long lasting to help improve your game

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